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  1. Approval of Minutes of meeting dated 04/04/2022.
  2. Approval of Policy for Advance & Slow Learner.
  3. Approval of preparing mentor mentee list after completion of admission of session 2022-23 and it is decided unanimously to send all information related to curricular and co-curricular activities to mentees by mentors.  
  4. It is decided unanimously to perform according to objectives by each internal committee and to prepare digital report with scanned document mandatorily of every event.
  5. It is decided to prepare admission list and result of every department as per direction of HODs.
  6. It is decided unanimously to complete student attendance register, daily diary of current year and pending works of last year before NAAC Peer Team visit.
  7. It is decided to unanimously to complete all work related to NAAC before mock drill by university team scheduled between 15/09/2022 to 20/09/2022.


  1. Approval of Minutes of meeting dated 06/09/2022.
  2. It is decided to prepare Advanced & Slow Learner list before 12/11/2022.
  3. It is decided that Attendance of participant should be compulsorily taken in every event.
  4. Approval of Student Day Celebration as per proposal put up by Cultural Committee and complete responsibility of organising this event is allotted to Cultural Committee.
  5. Approval of organising 07 days NSS camp of session 2022-23 at Govt. High School Baronda with Chief Guest Mrs. Anita Gyanesh Sharma, M.L.A. in inaugural ceremony.
  6. Internal examination of semester classes must be complete till November 2022.
  7. Approval of organising inter classes competition in one week and Annual Day celebration on 16th or 17th December 2022. Cultural Committee was directed to prepare list of events for approval in next meeting.




  1. Approval of Minutes of meeting dated 10/11/2022.
  2. Amendments are made in proposal of cultural events put up by Cultural Committee and decided unanimously to organise cultural and sports events between 08/12/2022 to 15/12/2022.
  3. Approval of Annual Day celebration on 16/12/2022 at college premises.
  4. Approval of Prize Distribution Ceremony separately according to direction of President.
  5. Approval of conduction of internal exam as per schedule prepared by Internal Exam Committee.
  6. It is decided to inform students about online exam form submission notification of university through WhatsApp groups of classes and all the teachers are directed to take care of this work.