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GURUKUL MAHILA MAHAVIDYALAYA is established in 2001; 

An Alumni Association is an association of graduates or, more broadly, of former students (alumni). 

Alumni Association creates and maintains a life-long connection between the college and its alumni. The Alumni Association works to connect alumni, support students and build an unforgettable Institute experience through a diversity of events, programming and services. The mission of the Association is to foster strong bonds between alumni, students and the Institute, to keep alumni informed, and create a network enabling them to remain engaged with their alma mater and help shape it’s future through the Association’s programmes and services.

Joining Alumni Association is one of the easiest ways to reconnect, give back to the Institute, and serve as a springboard for further involvement.

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Aims & Objective : 

  • To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the present students of the college and between the Alumni themselves. To encourage the formation of Chapters as a means to increase participation of Alumni.

  • To provide the forum to establish a link between the alumni, staff, and students of the Institute.

  • To encourage the Alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the work and progress of the Institute.

  • To enable the alumni to participate in activities which would contribute to the general development of the institute.

  • To organize and establish scholarship funds to help the needy and deserving students.

  • To institute prizes and awards for outstanding project work, research papers or other professional activity by the students of the Institute; also to suitably recognize outstanding social and community service by the Alumni and the students.

  • To provide a forum for the alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day

  • To arrange social and cultural functions.