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  1. Approval of nomination of Dr. Rinku Tiwari, Sports Officer and Dr. Padma Somnathe, Asst. Professor, Commerce as Staff Representative of Governing Body for 02 Years.
  2. Approval of nomination of Dr. Amita Telang as Secretary of Staff Council for session 2020-21.



  1. Approval to organize one day Multi-disciplinary National Webinar.
  2. Decision to conduct webinar on 27/06/2020 from 11:00 AM to 01:30 PM.
  3. Approval of organizing team of Webinar.
  4. Approval of “COVID-19 Vocal for Local for Self Reliant India”  as topic of webinar.
  5. Approval of speakers of webinar.
  6. Approval of inviting Honorable Vice-Chancellor as inaugural speaker for this webinar.
  7. Approval of Dr. Simrann R. Verma as anchor for this webinar.
  8. Approval of management of technical issues of this webinar by Dr. Amita Telang and Vaibhav Singh Thakur.
  9. Approval of YouTube live streaming of this webinar.



  1. Approval of commencement of online classes according to university notification for session 2020-21.
  2. Approval of allotment of practical assignments.
  3. Approval of taking 03 class tests compulsory by all departments.
  4. Approval to inform students about submission of transfer certificate and dues timely.



  1. Approval to inform students about notification of university related to online submission of exam forms by teachers through whatsapp groups.
  2. Approval to provide private students practical list.
  3. Approval of conducting Viva voce exam of environmental studies of regular and private students by the allotted teachers of each class.
  4. Approval of updating NAAC file till 30/03/2021.
  5. Approval of completing syllabus till 31/03/2021.
  6. Approval of university notification related to sessional marks of 10% for 1st year students.
  7. Approval of online entry of practical and sessional marks by concern teachers.
  8. Approval of keeping record of all three class tests.
  9. Approval of HOD ship to senior most staff of the department.
  10. Approval of submitting declaration form timely for calculation of TDS.