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Gurukul mahila mahavidyalya the name of college has a remarkable name of the city Raipur, capital of state of Chhattisgarh. In the year of establishment of the college 2001 to till today, a long passage has been moved out. After two decades Gurukul has the name & fame in the heart of the city. At the beginning our college starts with nearly 40 students registered now more than 1200 registered are the actual realistic story of the growth and development of our college.

Education and Game is two sides of same coin. Sports are the key bone of college going students. Aristotle rightly said that “Healthy mind lives in healthy body”. In academics one can learn the intellectual lessons whereas, in sports, one can learn the life lessons so both of them are a great combination of cerebral and physical intelligence. For a healthy brain & body, one should try to excel in both sports & academics.

In the longest time, academics have been considered to be the most important aspects of one’s success and growth of mind. Importance of sports has always been a matter of advantage. Through the years it has been proven that sports is equally important. Sports can not only build your physical health, but also mental health. Playing of sports can help you to deal with mental stress of examination or academic pressure.

Our college students perform not only in academic but also in sports field as well as. Every year our students take part in various sports activity. They achieve a remarkable position in various sports event. Like; Kho-Kho, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Wrestling, Kabaddi, Chess, Softball, Hand Ball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Athletics, ect.

We are organizing Inter college tournaments, State tournaments, every year. Our college Chess teams taking 1st position last 12 years, our students were selected in State sports, Inter university team and All India tournaments. And sport department uplifting the college name & fame year by year. 

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