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The effective functioning of the library is ensured by the library Advisory committee and headed by the principal, who is assisted by the librarian, and one representative of various departments. Library committee is formed in the beginning of new session. The committee meets once in six months or whenever required. Various significant initiatives have been implemented by the committee to render the library; student / user friendly.

The library has an approved policy on the collection and development of new services, terms of funds, annual increase of budget, binding procedure, policy on Stock verification and an ongoing commitment of the institution in deputing library professionals for continuing educational programmers.

 Library collection and other decisions for library service are taken by the library committee twice in an academic year.

  Members of Library committee

1.  Dr. Sandhya Gupta                      Principal

2   Aditi Joshi                                    Librarian/Convener

3.  Dr.Rajesh Agrawal                       Member

4.  Dr. Deepshikha Sharma               Member

5.  Dr. Seema Sahu                            Member